Friday, 23 April 2010


Hey guys and gals we seem to have gone over the recommended maximum memory for a package (300mb) for the texture package. This is mostly due to normal maps and speculars being higher than necessary so ive started to reduce them by half in an attempt to stay under 300... So from now on please no textures higher than 512x512 and where possible for the diffuses compress them using index colours.. ive done a few stupid maps in there myself so im just as guilty luckily the end of the tunnel is in sight


Sky box still needs texturing!


Aby the skylight vine is still using the same untoned down texture not sure if you did a new one for this or not.. if not in the game which is the right side of the image, you cant really tell that they are so vibrant. Decision is yours whether to change it or not.

Frames still need to be textured

The blue do indicates this needs a decal that wall is to long without interest some of the warning decals we discussed about before would solve this


Heres a list of things to fix its the first and obvious ones for which for the most part you all will pretty much know about but these are the things that are noticable.
Red dot = Needs Fixing
Blue dot = Needs word decals

Right well simon you pretty much know all this but still have to post it as a reminder

This ones been around for a while and
a quick fix got us through the formative but i feel for summative this needs to be fixed

Well simon you pretty much know all the assets you have left to do. i have posted them on here as a reminder

To Team members

To all: Please have ALL our assets finished, unwrapped and textured, uploaded onto the forum before the end of this week.

To Mark: During this weekend, please make sure you have ALL our assets that are on forum uploaded into the Unreal file by the end of this week. The assets have priority over the girl character.

Since Chris said that there is no life drawing next week, we must all have a group meeting at 10am on Monday. I expect everything to be ready in Unreal, all assets imported so that the art directors can decide where things should be placed.

I repeat, this Sunday is the final deadline for all assets to be finished and uploaded into Unreal, so GET TO IT!

Monday, 22 March 2010

New list of assets

One of the major feedback from Heather was to make more asses, so here's a list of possible new assets that Priya and I have come up with which we can make over Easter:

1) Bucket and mop (claimed by Priya)
2) Broken glass (Andy)
3) Vacuum cleaner (Simon)
4) TV remote (since we have a TV in our level) (Andy)
5) Computer monitor (the old fat ones) (Andy)
6) Cupcake with candle (claimed by Mark)
7) Moss floating on top of water on bottom level
8) Abandoned jacket, or a handbag? (soaked or dirtied up), or a hat (Aby and Priya: bags)
9) Rubbish, trash
10) Scattered books, magazines and newspapers (Zongyi)
11) Bottles and cans (Zongyi)
12) Desk with drawers (have drawers scattered about) (Zongyi)
13) Clock (claimed by Priya)
14) Broken mugs (claimed by Zongyi)
15) Stationary (claimed by Zongyi)
16) Pair of broken glasses... the ones you wear (Zongyi)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spaazmy Notes!!

Extended notes made from the meeting on Friday and what we need to look at:

- Lighting and sources of light to lead the player to the next area, consider colours of danger/safety? Or the opposite, we could use colours associated with safety to lead the player into an area of danger? Messes with the players head?

- Need external sources of light, such as torches, lanterns? Due to the lack of electricity

- Grime up the corners to fit in with the 10 year time span. Look at the effects of water and mould on bricks from time span. Come up with more green maps for moisture on surfaces.

- Build rubbish and small assets

So far:-
Aby: Leaves
Zongyi: Leaflets, office tools
Priya: Maps on the walls

- Come up with writings for the walls, we can all take a look at what we've got and choose and decide where to place them. Good places to put them could be on walls that you can’t miss such as the “secret staircase” walls.