Friday, 23 April 2010


Hey guys and gals we seem to have gone over the recommended maximum memory for a package (300mb) for the texture package. This is mostly due to normal maps and speculars being higher than necessary so ive started to reduce them by half in an attempt to stay under 300... So from now on please no textures higher than 512x512 and where possible for the diffuses compress them using index colours.. ive done a few stupid maps in there myself so im just as guilty luckily the end of the tunnel is in sight


Sky box still needs texturing!


Aby the skylight vine is still using the same untoned down texture not sure if you did a new one for this or not.. if not in the game which is the right side of the image, you cant really tell that they are so vibrant. Decision is yours whether to change it or not.

Frames still need to be textured

The blue do indicates this needs a decal that wall is to long without interest some of the warning decals we discussed about before would solve this


Heres a list of things to fix its the first and obvious ones for which for the most part you all will pretty much know about but these are the things that are noticable.
Red dot = Needs Fixing
Blue dot = Needs word decals

Right well simon you pretty much know all this but still have to post it as a reminder

This ones been around for a while and
a quick fix got us through the formative but i feel for summative this needs to be fixed

Well simon you pretty much know all the assets you have left to do. i have posted them on here as a reminder

To Team members

To all: Please have ALL our assets finished, unwrapped and textured, uploaded onto the forum before the end of this week.

To Mark: During this weekend, please make sure you have ALL our assets that are on forum uploaded into the Unreal file by the end of this week. The assets have priority over the girl character.

Since Chris said that there is no life drawing next week, we must all have a group meeting at 10am on Monday. I expect everything to be ready in Unreal, all assets imported so that the art directors can decide where things should be placed.

I repeat, this Sunday is the final deadline for all assets to be finished and uploaded into Unreal, so GET TO IT!

Monday, 22 March 2010

New list of assets

One of the major feedback from Heather was to make more asses, so here's a list of possible new assets that Priya and I have come up with which we can make over Easter:

1) Bucket and mop (claimed by Priya)
2) Broken glass (Andy)
3) Vacuum cleaner (Simon)
4) TV remote (since we have a TV in our level) (Andy)
5) Computer monitor (the old fat ones) (Andy)
6) Cupcake with candle (claimed by Mark)
7) Moss floating on top of water on bottom level
8) Abandoned jacket, or a handbag? (soaked or dirtied up), or a hat (Aby and Priya: bags)
9) Rubbish, trash
10) Scattered books, magazines and newspapers (Zongyi)
11) Bottles and cans (Zongyi)
12) Desk with drawers (have drawers scattered about) (Zongyi)
13) Clock (claimed by Priya)
14) Broken mugs (claimed by Zongyi)
15) Stationary (claimed by Zongyi)
16) Pair of broken glasses... the ones you wear (Zongyi)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spaazmy Notes!!

Extended notes made from the meeting on Friday and what we need to look at:

- Lighting and sources of light to lead the player to the next area, consider colours of danger/safety? Or the opposite, we could use colours associated with safety to lead the player into an area of danger? Messes with the players head?

- Need external sources of light, such as torches, lanterns? Due to the lack of electricity

- Grime up the corners to fit in with the 10 year time span. Look at the effects of water and mould on bricks from time span. Come up with more green maps for moisture on surfaces.

- Build rubbish and small assets

So far:-
Aby: Leaves
Zongyi: Leaflets, office tools
Priya: Maps on the walls

- Come up with writings for the walls, we can all take a look at what we've got and choose and decide where to place them. Good places to put them could be on walls that you can’t miss such as the “secret staircase” walls.

Design document

The Design Document has been uploaded onto the "Debates and polls" section of the forum. Feel free to add anything necessary/changes to it if you wish, though please put the text in red or something different so I know which parts you've altered.

Saturday, 20 March 2010


Hey all. after the assessment, this is another set of images to show what we're moving towards, overall now. The plants/overgrowth back up the lengthy duration of abandonment our level is going for...
Moss composites should be easy to make using these as base reference.
All thoughts please comment!

Friday, 12 March 2010


more moanings... lol nah not really


Aby - regarding the ivy it looks fine i just have to sort out some lighting issues in unreal before it will look totally right.

Andy - Vents look cool all is well there

Andy – secret stair collision works perfectly


Aby + Priya - Although great stuff for the composites we have a texture duplicate clash when it comes to the bare wall textures as you have both done versions of the same type of brick work so maybe you could both come to some sort of compromise before i put one or the other in? i will happily put both in if you both would prefer as they are both good but im just worried about any implications of such on our overall grades if we have to many.

simon -grime needs toning down far to strong

Mark [ahem me] - thanks to the corridor pics posted by Priya i have fixed the corridor it still lacks two doors so ill put that in after a door is exported for the gaps at a later date.

Andy – Broken up stairs on first floor collision needs to be higher character can still jump over which may or may not be an issue depends on what you are aiming for.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Hey fellow spazzers this has been bugging me all night and i think it should be raised now before its becomes a huge issue next week.

The issue that's bugging me most is duplicate textures.. There seems to be a huge lack of communication in this area and i think its something we need to discuss tomorrow.

I cannot stress the importance of composite maps in a fps style game they give high resolution solutions to texturing and when used properly mask the tiling well. They also remove the need for more than one version of a texture.

If you don't know how to set them up in MAX then heather did put a tutorial on blackboard a while ago i assume its still there if not google is our friend it should only take 10 Min's to learn.

Second thing coincides with the first and that is for the walls and floor unreal doesn't use maxs uvs, because for efficiency reasons the level wasn't built in max. So please no wall textures that have been mapped out as you would an asset. Instead a simple tillable texture is suffice or if you you do want to have the whole wall painted in one texture (though majorly not recommended because of resolution) then please make sure that it is in its own texture and not mapped with other parts of the level.

Same applys for the floor but i wouldn't bother with a ceiling texture as i have one and i can dynamically change the colour of in unreal to suit sections of the building.

sorry if this seems rather rantish i know a few of you are already aware of this but thought i better make it a formal announcement lol.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Texture variations

Here's a work-in-progress screenshot of my textured female toilets.

I made some variations of the colour (green, yellow, blue and red), which one do you think is better?

Friday, 5 March 2010

Texture deadline

Please unwrap and texture you floor area by next Tuesday. On Tuesday, we'll put everyone's work together and overlook the entire building to make sure the mesh, texture and grime amount are consistent.

Swatch 2

Based on Aby's colours, here's a second swatch of colours with varied shades of the colour scheme. Let me know if anyone wants fewer/more colours for the scheme, I just used the default number of colours given in photoshop. I've uploaded the colour swatch file on the forum. Also included a concept idea of how the colours could be used, for example, making the corners of the floor darker:

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Swatch ahoy

Reference obtained with colour samples.

Colour samples from actual photo paintover/manipulation.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Please read: allocations, palette, and a small reminder

Hello Team,

Below are the highly anticipated floor areas allocated for each of you to unwrap and, if time permits, to start texturing for next Tuesday. All modelling work should hopefully be finished by now, it's time for us to start thinking about texturing the walls and later the assets.

The file is uploaded in the "whitebox" thread in Mark's forum.

Simon - blue
Priya - purple
Aby - green
Andy - red
Zongyi - yellow
Mark - pink

I'm still waiting for the colour palette, and if the art directors have already done it please post it onto the blog so the team can use it for reference when texturing the walls.

It would be ideal if the wall textures/colour palette could match the current toilet grime for consistency. Below is an example of the colours used.

And finally, just a small reminder: please upload your work onto the Blog as soon as you're done!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Grime amount test and colour palette

As detailed, I've worked grime variations and dark light trials too. Need to decide which ones to go with AS A GENERAL TEMPLATE FOR THE WHOLE SPACE TEXTURE! EVERYONE HAS TO PUT IN THEIR THOUGHTS!

Minimal grime, lightest contrast.

Minimal Grime, middle contrast.

More Grime, Middle/dark contrast.

More grime, darkest contrst.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Someone seems to have had a bad case of diarrhoea...

I've started texturing my beloved toilets, here are some views. Amount of grime will be discussed in the next group meeting!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

"I need support damn it!!!!"

OK don't be to alarmed by the title of this entry.
After returning to the queens building to verify my model, i noticed that I had missed out a lot the little details that were essential, this mainly was the supports holding up the pipes, why I forgot them in the first place? I have know idea, anyway here is a screen shot of the different types of supports around this part of the building, they are also already unwrapped, and ready to texture.

Also just to let you know that the first floor pipes are already unwrapped, so they entire thing should be ready for Tuesdays meeting. (Fingers crossed)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Signs, Signs, there everywhere, but where do I go?

Here are the signs that i have been set to do, don't mind the poly count I have left them like that for now, but will lower it on the larger signs when I come to unwrapping them

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Work for next Tuesday

Work to be finished for next Tuesday are in black text. Grey text means work that are already finished.

Don't forget to unwrap the things you've modelled :). If you have time, you can even start texturing 8D.

Mind your Head

"Cafeful as you come through, you dont wanna knock yourself out do you."

Here is what will hopefully be the final version of the piping model, collions planes have been added, and it is ready to unwrap.

The model is also on the forum for you to have a look around properly

Friday, 19 February 2010

dont forget to flush!

It took a little tweaking as somehow the placeholder pivot was still off im not sure how that happened but meh these things do. but you'll be glad to know zongyi that your toilet is in ^_^. Yes i realise the flashlight isnt displaying any shadows that would be a small forgetful fail on my part there lol. ill get the the mens in then woo :D

I know its the same as marks, but i figured i'd post it anyway! I've been working!!


so damn boring i had to put it on grey...
But WHY am i ok doing these things?? mundane for the win.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

el marco el returno

hey people just letting you know im back from jollys knuckling down tonight ^_^

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Progress shot

New updated shot from unreal so far ( Any new assets please post on forum and i will make sure they go in asap! also dont forget to centre your pivot to 0,0,0 and if asset is a standing object e.g. chair,trolley etc.. then make sure the bottom of the box is on '0' coordinates in the Z axis) Everyone else if your placeholder model has moved for some reason please make sure each level is back at 0,0,0 or pick up the last placeholder and move your new geometry across!
Thanks ^_^

light of my life :) ill post everything i have tomorrow including the UDK and UPK.

Seats so far

Assets I've done:

Progress report

quick screeny of progress in unreal ^_^

Grim and Grimey

Here are a few concept Sketchs

Paint overs for the windows

These are they. Just a few visuals, let me know what u think!!

Last one is a mood for the windows reference/inspiration... Thanks to Priya for her post with wall writing! Looks awesome!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Model of female toilets

Screenshots of the female toilet I just modelled: