Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Hey fellow spazzers this has been bugging me all night and i think it should be raised now before its becomes a huge issue next week.

The issue that's bugging me most is duplicate textures.. There seems to be a huge lack of communication in this area and i think its something we need to discuss tomorrow.

I cannot stress the importance of composite maps in a fps style game they give high resolution solutions to texturing and when used properly mask the tiling well. They also remove the need for more than one version of a texture.

If you don't know how to set them up in MAX then heather did put a tutorial on blackboard a while ago i assume its still there if not google is our friend it should only take 10 Min's to learn.

Second thing coincides with the first and that is for the walls and floor unreal doesn't use maxs uvs, because for efficiency reasons the level wasn't built in max. So please no wall textures that have been mapped out as you would an asset. Instead a simple tillable texture is suffice or if you you do want to have the whole wall painted in one texture (though majorly not recommended because of resolution) then please make sure that it is in its own texture and not mapped with other parts of the level.

Same applys for the floor but i wouldn't bother with a ceiling texture as i have one and i can dynamically change the colour of in unreal to suit sections of the building.

sorry if this seems rather rantish i know a few of you are already aware of this but thought i better make it a formal announcement lol.

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Aby Bagulay said...

True, we didn't discuss texture methods at all...
Thanks for this post, its made things (and our lives) a lot easier! ^^ i've done more work in the last 2 days than i've done in a week on this! Progress wise anyway... i can get chris' stuff out of the way with more time now!