Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Please read: allocations, palette, and a small reminder

Hello Team,

Below are the highly anticipated floor areas allocated for each of you to unwrap and, if time permits, to start texturing for next Tuesday. All modelling work should hopefully be finished by now, it's time for us to start thinking about texturing the walls and later the assets.

The file is uploaded in the "whitebox" thread in Mark's forum.

Simon - blue
Priya - purple
Aby - green
Andy - red
Zongyi - yellow
Mark - pink

I'm still waiting for the colour palette, and if the art directors have already done it please post it onto the blog so the team can use it for reference when texturing the walls.

It would be ideal if the wall textures/colour palette could match the current toilet grime for consistency. Below is an example of the colours used.

And finally, just a small reminder: please upload your work onto the Blog as soon as you're done!

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