Friday, 12 March 2010

more moanings... lol nah not really


Aby - regarding the ivy it looks fine i just have to sort out some lighting issues in unreal before it will look totally right.

Andy - Vents look cool all is well there

Andy – secret stair collision works perfectly


Aby + Priya - Although great stuff for the composites we have a texture duplicate clash when it comes to the bare wall textures as you have both done versions of the same type of brick work so maybe you could both come to some sort of compromise before i put one or the other in? i will happily put both in if you both would prefer as they are both good but im just worried about any implications of such on our overall grades if we have to many.

simon -grime needs toning down far to strong

Mark [ahem me] - thanks to the corridor pics posted by Priya i have fixed the corridor it still lacks two doors so ill put that in after a door is exported for the gaps at a later date.

Andy – Broken up stairs on first floor collision needs to be higher character can still jump over which may or may not be an issue depends on what you are aiming for.

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Aby Bagulay said...

I'm happy to have priya's brick texture. In my opinion its alot more accurate... even if it did take me ages! ^^
Glad u like other works though. We can decide on the best ones together (me and priya) as we're art directors, but to be honest we can't decide till monday when we have the greener influenced composites etc.
Hope that sparkles with everyone! ^^