Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Grime amount test and colour palette

As detailed, I've worked grime variations and dark light trials too. Need to decide which ones to go with AS A GENERAL TEMPLATE FOR THE WHOLE SPACE TEXTURE! EVERYONE HAS TO PUT IN THEIR THOUGHTS!

Minimal grime, lightest contrast.

Minimal Grime, middle contrast.

More Grime, Middle/dark contrast.

More grime, darkest contrst.


Andy Lanfear said...

i'd say somewhere in between, you dont want it too light as its a survival horror, but then you dont want it too dark as you wont be able to make the textures out very well

Zongyi Chen said...

I like the darkest ones - the ones at the top and middle still make the back wall look too clean.

But then again, you can still make the that back wall look grimy without having to make the entire room look dark - just add more grime coming down the wall in the middle.