Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Repeating Assets & Texture Sharing

This is the list of repeating assets that will be included:
- Bin
- Chairs
- Sofas
- Desks
- Some doors
- Keypads
- Some Lights
- Light switches
- Stairs
- Banisters
- Toilets
- Fire Extinguishers
- Signs
- Pipes
- Some windows? (depending on the different styles in the building)

Areas sharing texture space:
- Walls
- Flooring
- Ceiling

Not sure if i've missed any?


Zongyi Chen said...
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Zongyi Chen said...

Nice. Simon, Aby, Andy, Mark and I are currently working on the toilets, pipes, stairs and windows, so these can be ticked off for now.

On Thursday we'll put together what everyone's done into one template model of the 3 floors and cut off the "out of date" parts that Mark has done.