Monday, 8 February 2010

whitebox and unreal

Hey guys and gals sorry so late with this entry anywho no point giving excuses, on with the blog(sorry if i waffle on lol).. The white box has been done and over the weekend i was experimenting with it by trying to find the best way to use it in unreal. In the end although not time efficient in principle, in practice recreating the mesh using unreals brush tool seemed the more time efficient option after issues importing the mesh ( even in parts) as a brush for use as the bsp.

So think of the placeholder model(whitebox) as your reference point for placing your objects into the game. I strongly recommend that once everyone is allocated a section of the model, that you add simple cube objects which are labeled as the different assets.

Obviously we need to set aside those that are repeated assets and those which to be used once. These will be separated by separate folders but naturally everyone will get access to both of them and there textures as we should update the texture and model library constantly and keep good contact on what has been done. (Aby i remember you had a list of the assets? If you could, could you possibly put them in a excel spreadsheet so we can tick of what has and hasn't been done, thanks ^_^) .

Obviously before all that can be done we still need to agree on the style which can hopefully be decided at the next meeting but a few nice ones have popped up which are very cool and I'm glad we are all on the same line of believable is better, as it definitely has more of an impact on the player than an over exaggerated one.

-The Library Setup-
Well this isn't totally set in stone but for now it should keep us all relatively in sync. The whitebox model is in the zip file.

Well I'm not going to continue waffling on last words are.. If you are making a replicated object set the object and its pivot point to 0,0,0 but if you are creating a single use object then place it where you want it in the scene and export it with the pivot point at 0,0,0.

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Zongyi Chen said...

SPAAZTASTIC. Great work! :D