Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Work schedule

Work, you Slaves of Spaazm!

- Concept male toilets in middle floor. Start modelling some basic objects e. g. cubicles, urinals, etc.

- Make list of repetitive assets. Concept the stylisation. Colour schemes, etc.
- Concept different ways of blocking up doors: barricaded doors, boarded up doors, locks, padlocks, broken keypads, etc

- Assign the layout of the blockaded objects to the floors.
- Concept windows. Grimed boarded up, cracked glass, etc.

- Concept the pipes; broken, grimed, etc.
- If more time, start making/testing the assets on ceiling.

- Concept stairs; grime it up, think of how the middle staircase is blocked off (objects in the way? broken off?).

- Sit back and relax.
- Concept female toilets. And other things.


Aby Bagulay said...

'Assignment' of objects? Its already on the plans as to where everythings going... Windows arent a problem, i can get some basic stuff on here today, hopefully.

Zongyi Chen said...

"'Assignment' of objects?"

As in, whereabouts the broken bits of furniture, etc, will be lying about on the room?