Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spaazmy Notes!!

Extended notes made from the meeting on Friday and what we need to look at:

- Lighting and sources of light to lead the player to the next area, consider colours of danger/safety? Or the opposite, we could use colours associated with safety to lead the player into an area of danger? Messes with the players head?

- Need external sources of light, such as torches, lanterns? Due to the lack of electricity

- Grime up the corners to fit in with the 10 year time span. Look at the effects of water and mould on bricks from time span. Come up with more green maps for moisture on surfaces.

- Build rubbish and small assets

So far:-
Aby: Leaves
Zongyi: Leaflets, office tools
Priya: Maps on the walls

- Come up with writings for the walls, we can all take a look at what we've got and choose and decide where to place them. Good places to put them could be on walls that you can’t miss such as the “secret staircase” walls.

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Aby Bagulay said...

We can look at the writing on monday, if you want and decide with all the composite maps we have? do it all together?