Monday, 22 March 2010

New list of assets

One of the major feedback from Heather was to make more asses, so here's a list of possible new assets that Priya and I have come up with which we can make over Easter:

1) Bucket and mop (claimed by Priya)
2) Broken glass (Andy)
3) Vacuum cleaner (Simon)
4) TV remote (since we have a TV in our level) (Andy)
5) Computer monitor (the old fat ones) (Andy)
6) Cupcake with candle (claimed by Mark)
7) Moss floating on top of water on bottom level
8) Abandoned jacket, or a handbag? (soaked or dirtied up), or a hat (Aby and Priya: bags)
9) Rubbish, trash
10) Scattered books, magazines and newspapers (Zongyi)
11) Bottles and cans (Zongyi)
12) Desk with drawers (have drawers scattered about) (Zongyi)
13) Clock (claimed by Priya)
14) Broken mugs (claimed by Zongyi)
15) Stationary (claimed by Zongyi)
16) Pair of broken glasses... the ones you wear (Zongyi)


Simon said...

i wants the vacuum cleaner, and maybe the hat


Andy Lanfear said...

i'll do the computer monitor and the tv remote, can do more if need be

Andy Lanfear said...

also done some smashed glass

Aby Bagulay said...

i claim all greenery. want to do the bag too...

Aby Bagulay said...

Has anyone done the desk with drawers??

Zongyi Chen said...

I'll do the desk drawers.

pocoster said...
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pocoster said...

lol guess ill do bottles and cans seeing as i drink so many of them i have plenty of reference XD.. oo and btw guys dont forget theres still alot of outstanding stuff that im waiting for and to be honest im panicing that its either gna all come in last minute or be left half finished. That doesnt apply to everyone and no doubt its probably done but hasnt been posted so i must stress if you have finished something please post it asap.

Priya said...

i'll do the handbag :)